Infrastructure Services Central

Your Goal
A Cloud-like experience across a heterogenous environment with a unified platform
What We Do
  • Infrastructure Services Central Portal brings ITSM and ITOM together in a single unified enterprise portal centralizing the customer experience by giving clients access to service management, operations management, and change management in one central location. The proverbial cloudlike experience across a heterogeneous landscape, as our clients desire
What You Get
  • Configurable, customizable dynamic dashboards
  • Persona based views
  • Service Catalog of published automation workflows
  • Data aggregation and visualization capabilities
Solution Overview
Infrastructure Services Central is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of poor visibility. heterogeneous infrastructure environment management, and complex processes automation within organizations large and small. With our unified enterprise portal and it's configurable dashboards, alerting, data aggregation capabilities, detalfed reporting, and a robust service catalog for automation workflows you't see improved visibility, personalized views, and optimized processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.