Autonomous Operations

Your Goal
Hybrid observability, enhanced service management, process automation to modernize IT operations.
What We Do
Increase visibility with Native & Custom Monitoring including:
  • Event & Incident Management
  • Intelligent Alert Correlation with Machine Learning
  • Process Automation for Auto Remediation
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Database
  • Applications
  • Containers
  • Websites
  • Synthetics
  • Cloud
What You Get
  • Tools Consolidation
  • Eliminate Alert Storms
  • Improved MTTD/ MTTR
  • Eliminate Data Silo's
  • Zero Touch Resolution
  • Artificial Intelligence
Solution Overview
Infrastructure Intelligence addresses the efficient management of digital portfolios, visibility in data centers, and the need for manual reporting. The service provides vendor-neutral data collection and reporting capabilities for all devices in a data center. It includes heterogeneous estate management, integration of IT assets, training and support. Hitachi Infrastructure Intelligence provides analytics and reporting with configurable dashboards, standard reports for capacity planning, asset health checks, billing and chargeback.